How I Use Instagram as a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
Hi everyone! Today is a blog-related post. I sincerely hope that doing these kind of posts inspire you to start your own blog. If you are a blogger then please comment down below the link to your blog so I can visit your site and who knows a reader might want to see you too. 

Anyway, today's post is all about How I Use Instagram as a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger. I had an Instagram account for awhile but it was only last May I believe when I got serious in it. With this post I will try to walk you through the process on what I do as a beauty and lifestyle blogger on Instagram. If this post helped you in a way or two then share it to others, okey?

Instagram and Your Blog

If you are a beauty and lifestyle blogger and you don't own an Instagram account then you are missing a lot of potential growth. Instagram has been the best and most effective marketing tool for savvy bloggers. The app is free to download, easy to use and can be viewed by everyone all over the world. 

Instagram is also the most personal way to engage on your audience because the photos and caption can speak for yourself. You can promote your post, host a giveaway, upload a teaser of your future post, make a QandA promotion etc.

Instagram is also where most brands, big or small find bloggers and influential people to collaborate with. I know a lot of small Instagram shops who partner with people that have tons of Instagram followers. What more if you also own a blog right?

The New Instagram Logo

How I Use Instagram as a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger?

Promote my recent blog post

I upload a photo from my most recent blog post and encourage people to visit my blog's link

Promote my YouTube videos

Many of you knows that I have a YouTube Channel. At some point its hard to gain views more so subscribers but ever since I put the link of my channel on my Instagram account I gained better views compared before. 

Create a Micro Blog on a product I love

There are times when you have a product and you just need to give mini and bite size information about it. Instagram is the best avenue to do so. There's no limit on the number of characters you can write on each post plus people can visit your blog for reference.

Get inside scoop on my favorite bloggers' life

Now I can be a stalker on Instagram and to be honest I consume a lot of my time stalking the bloggers who inspired me the most. 

Share my milestones in life publicly

I also love sharing my personal milestones in Instagram like My Mt. Manabu pictures and Mt. Daraitan experience. When I won an aircon after the Colors of Freedom Fun Run I also shared it on Instagram and its nice to give people a glimpse of your other life. 

Now let's dig in to the juicy details on how Instagram changed my blog life dramatically. 

Instagram Feed

As much as I want to prettify my Instagram feed I fail most of the time. Since my blog covers a lot of topics it also reflect a lot on my feed. Currently I post beauty, books, bullet journal and my life (selfie, milestones, makeup of the day) etc. This can be very confusing to viewers but as long as you stick to a plan or probably a schedule they can probably adjust to it. At the moment I post two consecutive beauty-related shots and followed by either a bullet journal, book or my life. This makes my Instagram feed look consistent. 

My Instagram when I first started using it for my beauty and lifestyle blog


You can't gain loyal followers if your photos aren't consistent. People in Instagram are very visual and they love crisp photos. Before I just use my iPhone to take photos but now I use a separate camera just for Instagram. The process is hard to be honest because I have to transfer files from my computer to my phone just to upload. But its so worth it when you people appreciate your every posts. 

Editing Photos

Now of course you don't need a DSLR camera for your posts thanks to good editing option and filters Instagram offer. All you need are photos have decent quality and probably taken on a brighter scene. Make sure you focus on the product well so it'll turn out great. If you found the filter and basic editing that works for you then you might want to write it down so that your photos look the same or consistent. I love increasing the brightness and contrast of my photos. For the filter I always use Juno but I make sure it doesn't wash out the image.

Below is the sample of photo I took to the photo I uploaded on Instagram.


When Uploaded on Instagram

The Caption

If you're a beauty and lifestyle blogger you don't just write a word for a caption. It should be descriptive and informative enough for your followers. Since I have a lot of personal friends who follow me on Instagram I have to make sure that I disclose that I'm a beauty blogger in the caption. You can also use the caption to have a micro blog post that people will find useful. 


I used to put a lot of hashtags on my caption but now I learned to use the comment section instead. This will make the readers focus on the photo and the caption instead of the hashtags. The use of hashtags is very beneficial to beauty and lifestyle bloggers because it can widen your reach. 

Common Hashtags I Use:

For Beauty related posts - #beautyblogger #bblogger #beautyph #makeupph #skincareph #makeupaddict #makeupporn #makeupjunkie #haulph #bloggerbabes #blogph

For Book related posts - #instabooks #booksph #igreader #igreads #bookoftheday #bookstagram #bookforless #epicread

For Bullet Journal related posts - #bulletjournal #buju #plannerph #bulletjournaljunkies #planwithme

For Life related posts - #photooftheday #ig #like #follow

I also use hashtags of the brands/companies as seen on the photo. For example I post My Current Makeup Menu on Instagram I put all the hashtags of the products I featured.

Schedule of Posts

Now I tried to post 3 photos a day before but I failed to be consistent. So far what works for is 1-2 photos a day but its a must that I post something for each day of the week. I notice that the more posts you make the better to be honest. People are kind of nosy on social media and they'll be happy to hear an update from you. 

My Current Profile. I mention that I am a Blogger and Content Creator. I also list down what they can expect on my Instagram Newsfeed as well as my Email Address and a Link to my YouTube Channel
Some Tips and Realizations on Using Instagram as a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

  1. Consistency is the key. Post as often as possible with photos that follow the same filter and editing. 
  2. Learn from what others are doing. Actually the biggest inspiration I have to take my Instagram game on a whole new level will be @makeupinmanila @makeupnurselynvidallon and @makeupkeith. Their Instagram feed is soooooo good to look at. 
  3. Mind Your Profile. If you really want to use your Instagram as a beauty and lifestyle blogger then mention it on your profile. Add Beauty Blogger as a description so people knows why you post so much vanity on your Instagram account.
  4. You have to be persistent. You don't become Instagram famous overnight. You have to learn and relearn for every posts you make. It gets tiring to be honest specially when in every 3 followers you gain you lose 1. Sometimes you feel betrayed by people. But if you love what you do then just continue doing it. You'll reach a point when people will just automatically follow and like your posts.
  5. Make your account public. Don't be "maramot" to the people. Set your account to public since your blog is open to public as well. 
My Newsfeed recently :)

That's it. I hope this post helped you. Again make sure to leave below a link to your blog and/or your Instagram account so I can start stalking you. 

Thank you very much.

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