How Blogging Changed my Life Completely

I have been blogging for over 4 years now and it has been one of the most enriching activities of my life ever since.

Blogging started as a hobby before. I just enjoy writing and sharing my ideas on the internet. It became sort of my other world where I can just pour what's in my heart and in my mind out. I started without a goal or a vision and didn't even think that I will last this long managing more than one blog at the moment.

At first my posts where seen by just 5-10 people on a daily basis. I bet half of those pageviews was even mine. There were also times when I question whether someone is really reading my blog or if this hobby is still worth pursuing. I changed from template to template, theme to theme and platform to platform. Then I decided to take things seriously and slowly build a better blog that I can proudly call mine.

Fast forward to today I am much more confident to share my blogging experience to others. I even came up with "blogging" as a blog topic for IzzaGlino. And soon I will be releasing another niche blog that will have a better focus and much informative content on the different sides of blogging. You may wonder how "blogging" changed my life and I have to be honest... It did create drastic changes that I will be forever thankful for.

Blogging Taught Me that There's Much to Learn in Life

Your role as a blogger doesn't stop once a blog post idea hits you. You are also required to research, to write, to market and to improve that idea. With the many processes involved in blogging you will appreciate the fact that there's truly much to learn in life. Every day I find blogs in Bloglovin' that gives information I have never knew exist. I will also find marketing techniques and articles that improve writing that will always be handy.

Blogging Taught Me to Open Up
Though I am both good in verbal and writing I am not the type who will open up about my actual feelings online. I became more receptive of the things that come to me, that bothers me and that made me happy. So when I find comments on my posts whether in SavingsPinay or IzzaGlino it makes me extremely happy for I know that someone out there is actually reading my blog and made time to share his/her thoughts in the comment section.

Blogging Led Me to Experiences and Persons that I will need in my life

Without this blog I will never experiencing being in part of the "invited bloggers". Opportunities such as CBTL Giving Journal Event and MFT Group Freedom Event became my most unforgettable experience last year and early 2015. I also worked with companies such as IMG Wealth Academy and Single Hop. It was also an honor meeting people in different fields and industry that will always be part of my network. Also if not for blogging I won't meet my sweet reader Cary last March.

Blogging Made me a Better Writer

Because of blogging I was able to practice how I write on a daily basis. I learn to improve my sentence construction, my choice of terms and my grammar. I believe that it is practice is highly important if one aspire to become a better writer. Not only are you exposed to a wide range of articles every single day but you will also find yourself in constant research for new ideas. If not for blogging I won’t even bother creating an eBook. I now follow a process whenever I write. I learned to plan, to have an outline first and to research for related resources to further improve my output.

Blogging Gave Me a New Reason to Live

I know that the above sounds too cliché but it’s true. Blogging made me valuable. It became part of my personal information. Finally, I have something about me that I can be proud about.
I know that there are people who find my post/s useful and having a language of love as recognition… that appreciation and attention is important for me. I can feel that I am needed and wanted, that though I am just a small part of the bigger society I am still important.

Below are other changes that I had seen in my life since I started blogging. I just want to quickly show you how a blog can revolutionize your life now.

  • You’ll learn to be an early riser.
  • You’ll adopt to other sites and apps such as Pinterest, Buffer,, Stumbleupon, MailChimp and many more.
  • You’ll learn to accept negative criticisms and embrace those who appreciate and believe in your talent.
  • You’ll realize that you have a powerful voice.
  • You’ll acquire more knowledge in less time.
  • You’ll recognize great works from others whether it is another blog post, an image, an infographic or a website.
  • You’ll develop great time management.
  • You’ll grow your social life 100%
  • You’ll be able to set goals in almost every area of your life.
  • And More
I have learned to love blogging as my passion. I know that I will find it hard to let go now. It has been part of why I wake up in the morning and why I find it hard to sleep at night. There is much that I still have to accomplish. I know that I am too far from the BLOGGER that I want to be. Soon I may share my goals and aspirations as an ordinary blogger.

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  1. hi! i am a newbie blogger and i want to learn more i have just started this month. i have been reading your blog to educate me, and be more knowledgeable. i want to be a apprentice if possible or a friend. thank you