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Monday, December 01, 2014
So its another OOTD for me!!! Last week I attended client meetings since I am quiet overloaded with blessings on my event business. December is such a good month to celebrate special moments. I've got a line up of hosting gigs and other event-related projects. (Yahoo!!!)

Whenever I go to client meetings I see to it that I dress well enough. There's an image that you have to maintain specially if meeting the client for the first time. I always go with a business casual style like having a black slacks but with a much tone down top.

Foundation: Shawill BB Cream, Brows: Shawill Eyebrow Kit, Powder: San-San in Shade #2, Mascara: Fashion 21 Double Up, Lipstick: Aido
You know what I love most about this short-shaved hair thing I got?! The EARRINGS!!! I miss wearing pair of earrings and since I have short hair they become more noticeable.

Today's OOTD is more of the neutral colors. There's white, black and grey. The pop of pattern makes this look better.
Finally got to wear thus ukay heels. :)

Again, I do hope you enjoyed this post! For more OOTDs just click this link:
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