Short-shaved Hair Outfit

Friday, November 21, 2014
Having shorter hair means a sudden change in appearance and items that I wear. I intend to be manly but reserve one to three items that extreme femininity. For example, I may be wearing an all black but I see to it that I have my heels. I also try to incorporate florals as well as colors in my daily outfit. I'm glad that I had time to take a photo of today's outfit so I welcome you all to my OOTD.

Foundation: Bench Beauty Balm with SPF 15, Powder: Maybelline, Mascara: Fashion 21 Double Up, Lipstick: Maybelline in Plum Perfece
 I added a loud red pants to give a boost of energy on today's ensemble. I love the color palette of White, black and red.
As its getting cold now because of the Christmas season, I wore a jean type jacket. This is for added warmth and attitude to the outfit.

Jacket from Jag
 For the shoes, I wore again my super forgotten, silver wedge. This adds height and totally gives a new dimension to the look.

Cheers for the new OOTD!!!

Hope you have a great weekend.

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