Inside Bench Perfect Skin Kit: Whitening Facial Wash

Monday, November 03, 2014
As I said before October ends I will have a series of posts in regards to Bench Perfect Skin Kit. I thought of fulfilling that said task for the first week of November before I celebrate my 21st Birthday on the 9th (yehey!!!). I actually posted a Things to Look Forward to this month of November on my SavingsPinay blog. Please check it out.

I love having routines but committing has been a constant problem of mine. Just like what I said in a post before I am very much lazy when it comes to washing my face and toning as well as moisturizing. So when I   the Bench Perfect Skin Kit (posted an overview of the kit here) I was very much aware that it will help me achieve a proper skincare routine.

The Bench Perfect Skin Whitening Facial Wash is equipped with Arbutin, Vitamin C & Avocado Oil for a whiter, more even skin tone and radiant complexion. This is OK to be used for All Skin Types and the full size is 50 grams for only 55pesos.

What the Product Claims

A light and gentle facial wash that helps whiten skin while keeping your skin's natural moisture.

Enriched with Arbutin, a whitening agent that optimizes and even out skin tone for visibly lighter and fairer skin.
Contains Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that restores skin's radiance and natural glow.

With Avocado Oil, known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties, it assists in the rejuvination of the skin.


Squeeze sufficient amount onto your palm. Lather with water water and massage onto your face.

What I Love about the product

  • The price is so much awesome
  • Built with nourishing ingredients. Arbutin, Vitamin C and Avocado Oil in one
  • Refreshing smell, not too strong but will make you feel alive and energetic once used
  • Has little bids that you instantly feel that goes deep inside your face clearing your clogged pores
  • Can be used as a makeup remover as it easily removes stubborn eye makeup and all

What I Don't Love

  • The whitening effect is not that visible. Been using the product for whole month
  • Only comes in one size and one type


Though the product did not give much of the whitening effect I still owe a lot of the great benefits to this one. On the fourth week of using I feel better of showing my  bare skin at work. A lot of those close to me knows how much I wear makeup on the daily basis but I felt like just having my brows done and sometimes I even forget that part. So all in all given that I continue to use this Whitening Facial Wash I know it will give the effect that it claims. Slowly but surely.

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