Denim More

Thursday, December 05, 2013

So i'm back! Sorry for the long hiatus. My laptop's still not fixed and i still have to adjust to my new schedule. Anyways, this post is quiet simple ootd and to be honest i am really getting the drive of not actually dressing up to much but just highlighting my look bpwith a certain piece. Example is heels, bag and accesories.

Cardigan is from ukay-ukay as well as the blue top. I love matching yellow and navy blue. I don't know but for me it adds a certain kind of beauty. 

To match everything i wore my No Apologies blue skinnies that made a mark why i called this post "denim more". It isa ctually a pun for Demi Moore to whom i have been obsessing too.

Matching everything with this 5-inch wedge from People are People and i am ready to go.
Thank you for reading this post!

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