A little Too Formal

Friday, November 22, 2013
It is another too formal type of clothing for me. It was funny because when i went to work they were teasing me that i look like someone who works in the bank. :)

I chose to be formal today because after work i have a client meeting. As you may have seen in the top spot (header) of my blog i started posting an advertisement again in Sulit.com.ph for my hostings. Lucky me i booked seven events in two days. :)

Dress plus black tuxedo is heaven but with this type of tuxedo that swirls at the back that is more than HEAVEN!!! I bought this worn out tux in ukay-ukay while the dress is the one i got in my SM Department Store haul linked here

 You know i am not an accessory type of girl so i just wore the bracelet and ring my boyfriend gave me and over the ring is a mustache ring i got in Girlshoppe.
For the shoes i wore my Centropele heels that i got on my graduation day.

Bag is also from ukay-ukay.
Thank you for reading this post. Hope you love it.
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