Thrilling Morange

Thursday, September 19, 2013

So the title for this post suggests two things the first word "thrilling" is for my outfit of the day and then the second one is for the makeup trick that i did that i will also let you see later.

I want to start with the outfit. My workmate said that my outfit kind of reminds him of Michael Jackson specially with the song Thriller so i find it really relevant to use in the title.

The jacket that i wore was something i bought a very very long time ago in an ukay ukay store. I bought it because its one of a kind then i didn't wear it for a long time. I am happy that i still found it in my closet and happy because the weather has been cold and rainy today so i have the great excuse to use this uber one of a kind gold varsity hoodie.

I just had a simple black tank top as undergarment so this jacket really made my look tough and stand out. I am super in love about how the look went.

I pair this one with my equestrian leggings just to add mere dimension to the look. Then finish it with my dirty old converse-alike rubber from Natasha.

Now talking about the morange thing to you guys, i recently rediscovered this lipstick that i own from the discontinued line of Ever Bilena. I know i had reviewed this one and you can actually see it here in my blog but since its discontinued there is actually no use for the review. I am thankful i got to buy three shades before its gone.

I know this trick before but haven't tried it so when i noticed that the color this product gives is too intense for daytime i did the trick to make its subtle, matte and long lasting.

1. Put your lipstick.
2. With your excess brush have some powder and put it in your lips.
3. Viola a perfect subtle, matte and long lasting lip color for your lips.

Thank you for reading.

Ps. Some will kiss a tissue paper to remove excess product then re apply the lipstick before going to powder. :)
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